Getting on the water is easier than ever. The RS21 keelboat is fun, fast, and easy. Comfortable enough for learning, challenging enough for a pro, the fleet is perfect for fun club series as well as high-level team racing.
If you are looking for additional instruction feel free to check out our Next Steps Program we devised as an easy way to help you get more comfortable in the LYC RS21. Go HERE for more information on the Next Steps Program

Get Checked Out

Each LYC Member skipper is required to complete a one-time check out to learn the specifics of engine operation, rigging the boat, and get a feel for the boat. Charters are available to LYC Member skippers. Non-members and guests are welcome as crew when invited by the Member skipper. For open events, charters will be available for all competitors.

Review the Charter Manual and RS21 Documentation

The Fleet Charter Manual includes details on chartering as well as FAQ and links to the RS21 Rigging Guide and Operation Manual. Find the Charter Manual and important documentation HERE

Plan for Events

Find series race dates and instruction opportunities here. Plan for the events you’d like to participate in and start lining up your crew.
Look for year-round opportunities to get your feet wet in the RS21. Professionally coached classes will include youth sessions, adult learn to sail, women’s sailing and racing, and advanced tactics, team, and match racing.
The cost for each class will include the charter fee.

Go Sail

To reserve a boat for a race or a fun sail charter a boat here. Then simply show up ready to sail! Your reserved boat will be ready for you at the dock.